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You might be thinking, “I really don’t need another training tool for my swim workouts.” We know, you’re already lugging around towels, goggles, caps, extra clothes, and maybe even a pair of fins--the last thing you need is something else to take up space in your bag. But what if we told you that hand paddles were small, lightweight, and great tools for improving various aspects of your training? Interested now?

Here are the top three reasons we think you should consider using hand paddles in your training sessions.

Hand Paddles

Improve Technique

While speed and propulsion are obviously essential in your stroke, you won’t achieve either without proper technique. Special training equipment, like hand paddles, can help you focus on different aspects of your stroke to improve your overall technique. Hand paddles are great tools to help you focus in on wrist and elbow placement in your pull--both key elements in proper technique. Paddles accentuate everything about your pulling motion--the good and the bad. As you swim with hand paddles, you will be able to feel the parts of your pull that aren’t working and, as a result, will be able to focus on those aspects and tune them in your training.

Build Strength

Hand paddles, in particular, can help you to strengthen your stroke. The paddles will increase water resistance and can keep your hands in place as they pull, helping to build muscle and increase speed. If you feel like your muscle development has plateaued in your regular training, you may need to switch up your routine. By regularly incorporating paddle-assisted drills in your training sessions, you will be able to build arm and upper body strength.

Add Variety to Your Workout

If the results alone don’t interest you, incorporating hand paddle drills to your workouts can add the variety your normal routine may be lacking. Use hand paddles in drills, pull sets, sprint swims, or anything you might normally tackle in your workouts. Shaking up your routine by adding hand paddles can help keep your trainings fresh and exciting, while also giving you the mental boost you might need to stay motivated.

swim training

Like anything you add to your swim bag--and your workouts--your hand paddles should serve a clear purpose in your training. If you’re looking to improve your stroke technique, build strength, or just need to spice up your workouts, adding an extra tool like hand paddles to your arsenal might be worthwhile!

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