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If you’re gearing up for a new swim season, you might need to upgrade some of your training tools. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, you might be looking for some gifts to add to your wishlist! Luckily for you, BornToSwim now offers the Swimmer Starter Set. The set features everything you need to take your strokes to the next level this season. Here’s what you’ll get in the Swimmer Starter Set:

Mesh Bag

Mesh Bag

A mesh bag is the perfect way to store and transport all of your swim equipment. Most of what you toss into your bag is going to be wet from the pool, so you’ll want a bag made of mesh for easy drying. If you’re planning to pack some clothes and towels you wish to keep dry, a separate mesh cinch bag is especially helpful for toting all of your wet gear.


Despite the many advancements in swim training technology, kickboards are still a highly effective training tool. When used correctly, kickboards can be a great tool in focusing on and improving your kick. While giving your arms and shoulders a chance to recover during practice, the kickboard can help you work on hip position in the water, practice a breaststroke kick while maintaining ideal flotation, and tweak kick mechanics.


Your goggles are perhaps the most important training tool in your bag. To ensure your goggles stay put as you speed through the water, choose a pair with the right lens size, nose adjustability, and straps for your particular needs. Anti-fog and mirrored lenses are also ideal for eliminating other common obstacles faced by swimmers.

Pull Buoy

A pull buoy is used to support your legs while allowing you to isolate your arms to focus on improving your stroke. Pull buoys have many specific training benefits, helping swimmers to improve different aspects of their stroke, including proper body position in the water, better breath control, improved arm mechanics, and an aid in building upper body strength.

Hand Paddles

Hand paddles are a swim training staple. Small, lightweight, and easy to tote around, hand paddles are a great tool to use to improve your stroke. In addition to helping to improve your technique, hand paddles create higher resistance in the water, leading to harder stroking which helps to build strength. Using hand paddles in your workout is also an easy way to add variety to your training.


Swim snorkels have become more prominent in swim training in recent years, and if you don’t yet have one in your bag, you’ll be glad one is included in this set! Snorkels can help enhance drill work—while eliminating the need to turn your head to breathe, snorkels can keep your concentration and focus on the drill at hand. Snorkels are also ideal for kick sets without kickboards, and can even help to improve your backstroke technique.

Short Fins

Short fins are an essential swim training tool that help improve ankle flexibility and boost cardio. You can also use fins in your workouts to focus on aspects of your arm movement. The fins amplify your kick, allowing you to spend less time concentrating on the kick and more time dedicated to your pull. The increased speed and propulsion achieved by using fins also reduces the number of strokes needed, essentially slowing down your stroke to help you zero in on technique.

Get all seven of these essential training tools in the new Swimmer Starter Set, and enjoy better, more productive workouts!

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