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2018 has only just begun and the Born To Swim team is already making waves with a new Business Development Representative and International Swimming Medalist Lisa Blackburn.

Lisa Blackburn

This Bermudian-born athlete has competed in, and won several medals, in a National and International swimming career that spans more than 3 decades. She currently holds Masters World Records for the 100 Individual Medley and 100 Freestyle events, 10 Bermuda National Records and has competed in 3 Pan American Games and won 3 medals at the 2003 event.

Since coming onboard at BTS, Lisa has learned about the design, quality, and consideration that goes into each and every product. In fact, the fun, bright colors, customization and built-to-last quality is what first drew her to the Born To Swim brand, beginning with the limited edition Swim Miami custom towel.

Lisa looks forward to supporting both new and veteran swimmers with her new role. As a professional athlete with countless laps behind her, Lisa likes advising new swimmers to take their time to work on drills and skills before increasing their effort.

When she works with any swimmers or coaches, Lisa likes to remind them that everyone can learn new skills regardless of their age or stage of development. As long as the journey is fun, exciting, challenging and rewarding, she believes anything is possible.

Although many young swimmers today look up to Lisa, she was once an inexperienced young swimmer herself, with her own set of athletic heroes including Canadians Alex Baumann and Victor Davis. More recently, she’s found inspiration in swimmer Dara Torres, a 12-time medalist, the first U.S. swimmer to compete in five Olympics and the oldest Olympic athlete competing in the swimming events.

Lisa has competed against the best of the best, in her own fair share of serious competitions, including the Pan American Games, World Swimming Championships, Pan Pacific Championships and the Commonwealth Games.

Lisa Blackburn

No matter what level of skill or competition you’re in, Lisa wants swimmers to enjoy both the individual and team components. For her, it’s fun being part of a team, swimming with friends and still knowing she can control her own results through the amount of effort she commits to her training and racing.

Unlike her other athletic or business pursuits, Lisa was especially interested in a Born To Swim partnership because of the vibrant, fun brand, quality products and qualified team of real swimmers. She likes how supportive the brand is with top-notch service, a willingness to learn from clients and ability to customize any order for teams of any size.

Born to Swim is proud to plunge into the year with Lisa onboard to support their mission of excellence both in and out of the pool.

Find the newest star of the BTS team on social media by searching for @swimminglisa and @borntoswim_usa.




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