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When it comes to a swimmer’s attire, most may think it’s a simple choice of a suit and a cap. However, like any sport, there are countless choices and options on the market— choosing the best suit or cap can seem overwhelming.

Fortunately, swim caps only come in a few different types and we’re here to tell you the only type you need to bother considering. Silicone caps are the superior choice for serious swimmers, and here’s why.

Swim Cap

Silicone Caps are More Durable

If you’ve ever worn a swim cap, you know that they take quite the beating. You’re constantly tugging on the sides and adjusting them on your head as well as peeling them off between races. Silicone caps are made to stand up to this kind of activity. In fact, over time, they’ve shown to be a far more durable option than latex caps, which are more prone to tearing.

If you’ve ever been a swimmer, you’ve probably experienced this scenario: you get to the end of your lane, and you tug on your latex cap in hopes of getting it straightened before you begin your next lap. Unfortunately, as you pull on your cap, you find that you’ve got a big chunk of latex in  your hand— the cap ripped! Or perhaps you’ve had this happen— you’re pulling a latex cap over your head, only to have it split right down the middle.

It’s rare to see a silicone cap tear or split so easily. You don’t see swimmers looking shocked as they stare at a hunk of latex in hand after they made a simple adjustment to their cap. Like latex caps, however, silicone caps are still subject to puncture or tears when in contact with sharp objects, but they present a much higher resistance to any general wear and tear.

Swim Cap

Silicone Caps are More Comfortable

Silicone caps are a much more comfortable alternative to latex caps. While they conform to your head, they aren’t as tight or constricting as latex caps, and the silicone material does not pull hair the way latex caps are known to do. Silicone caps are also significantly easier to put on compared to their latex counterparts. Not only do they not pull and tug on your hair (which is painful and can result in losing chunks of hair), but the material is much more forgiving and easy to manipulate as well.

Silicone Caps are Better for Performance

Because silicone is both extremely stretchy and great at holding its shape, it conforms and smooths when you wear it. This helps to create a more hydrodynamic form out of the swimmer’s head for better performance. You can also find some silicone caps with features and enhancements to make them even more hydrodynamic.

If you’re ready to make the switch from latex, you can find a variety of 100% silicone caps from Born To Swim. Silicone caps are superior in every way it counts: durability, comfort, and performance. Add a silicone cap (or two) to your swim bag today!

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