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Choosing the right swim cap depends on two main factors: the type of swimming you’ll be engaging in, and how you want the swim cap to fit on your head. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices with these considerations in mind, picking the right cap is fairly simple. Take a look at a few of our top tips before you purchase your next swim cap.

Types of Swimming

First, consider how you’ll be using your swim cap. Are you planning to wear your cap while swimming laps, or during a water aerobics class? Several very different types of swim caps are recommended for swimmers here, depending on which category you fall in.

Lap swimmers and competitive swim athletes will benefit most from the hydrodynamic qualities of latex and silicone caps, helping swimmers cut through the water smoothly and easily. The smooth surface created by silicone and latex caps reduces drag for improved efficiency. Latex is typically the cheapest swim cap material, and latex caps are generally more widely available. Silicone caps, while slightly more expensive than latex, are more durable, and usually offer more comfort.

If you plan to swim in open water, neoprene caps  might be your best bet. Known for its insulating  ability, neoprene can keep you warm in colder  waters, and is also the most buoyant of all swim  cap materials. In addition to the swim cap material,  open water swimmers should consider visibility  factors. A brightly-colored swim cap will help rescuers or officials spot swimmers more easily in  open waters.

Those who are looking for a swim cap solution for  water aerobics or therapy may want to consider Lycra. A mesh, breathable material, Lycra swim caps will do the job of keeping your hair dry and out of your face, without sacrificing comfort. Latex and silicone are less forgiving materials, and can retain heat as you exercise, leaving you with a “hot head.” Lycra allows you to stay cool and comfortable.

Swim Cap Fit

Your hair type is another factor to consider when choosing a swim cap. If you have long, thick hair, your best bet is to choose a silicone swim cap. Silicone will adjust to accommodate your longer hair, without painfully grabbing onto or tugging at your hair as you slip your cap on and off for workouts or races. Silicone is also a more durable material than latex, and is less likely to rip as you pull it on to cover your hair.

BornToSwim offers a wide variety of high-quality silicone swim caps, including an entire line that is easy to customize with your swim team’s name or logo. All of our swim caps are 100% silicone and made in small batches to ensure top quality.

Still not sure? Try a few different types to see which fit and style works best for your personality and swimming needs! 


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