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If you’ve ever swam in open water, you know that safety is a top priority. Without the luxuries of a lifeguard keeping watch and a contained area that you get with most swimming pools, open water swimming also adds potential dangers such as tides, wild animals, and motorboats. A SaferSwimmer buoydesigned and patented by ISHOF -International Swimming Hall of Fame, is an essential tool to use while swimming in open waters, without taking a hit in your performance. 

SaferSwimmer Buoy

Safety Features

As you swim, your head spends a lot of time submerged in the water. If a motorboat approaches, you can be difficult to spot in open waters. The SaferSwimmer buoy comes in a variety of bright colors, attaches around your waist and floats alongside you as you swim. A boat is much more likely to see a bright orange buoy floating along in the water than your head or body, which may be submerged or blend in with the water. The brightly-colored SaferSwimmer can also help others spot you from the shore, who may want to track your swimming.

While not a certified as a life-saving device, the SaferSwimmer buoy can serve as a flotation device, and can help keep you afloat should you need to stop for a breath. In the event of an emergency, you’re still better off with a SaferSwimmer for its flotation aid, than with nothing at all.

Waterproof Storage

The SaferSwimmer is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, and works similarly to dry bags used by canoers and hikers. You can store items like your car keys, wallet, and smartphone inside the buoy, with the peace of mind that they will remain safe and dry. To secure your items inside the storage compartment, lay the ends of the bad neatly against each other, twist or fold the end of the bag a few times over, then fasten a buckle to prevent the folds from unrolling.

Stay Safe Without Affecting Your Swim

The SaferSwimmer buoy provides visibility and a waterproof way to store your personal items, all without affecting your stroke or the way you swim. Be sure to tighten the belt securely around your waist to prevent any slippage toward your feet. The buoy is extremely light on its own, though you may want to consider what you decide to store in the dry compartment, as any added weight will come from your personal items and may then start to affect your stroke!

The SaferSwimmer buoy is a must-have item for any open water swimmers. Nothing is more important than your safety, and the SaferSwimmer can offer all the features you need to swim safely and efficiently in open water. Click here to add one to your swim bag today!

Every swimmer that purchases a buoy contributes to ISHOF’s operations, a nonprofit organization.


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