The Triton Series 2017

Triton One Series 
Born To Swim is excited to be a part of the Triton Series events including:
  • Triton Austin- September 24th
  • Triton Boulder- August 27th
  • South Padre Island Open Water Festival- November 4th-5th

The Triton Series was launched in the Spring of 2017 as a new challenge to the adventure racing community. The series was designed to create a new type of well rounded aquatic athlete with a deep understanding of not just open water swimming,  but how to handle and navigate anything that the water and surrounding conditions might throw at them. These events are designed to train the body and mind to be comfortable, safe and competitive in all water conditions. Triton Series athletes come out of these events knowing that no matter what happens in life,  they can find their way.  

Each Triton Series event is unique and no two courses will ever be the same. Water obstacles, relay races,  altitude challenges and multi sport opportunities are just a few of the challenges that our athletes face throughout the year on this circuit. 

Learn more about the races here. We look forward to seeing you a lot this year!